Why You Should Train with Airsoft Guns

Why You Should Train with Airsoft Guns

July 14, 2016 3 Comments

Why You Should Train with Airsoft Guns

This article was originally published on policeone.com.

I am no stranger to airsoft guns and have had the opportunity to test new airsoft products over the years. These tests have given me the chance to see just how useful airsoft can be for serious training.

One of the most effective airsoft training applications I found was in teaching new shooters prior to going to live fire. The results were impressive; not only did new shooters quickly grasp the concepts of sight alignment and trigger control but the lack of recoil, noise, and pressure allowed them to focus on shooting well. Before long, they were making precise hits on target and we could move into more advanced drills.

In addition to training new shooters, another advantage of using airsoft guns is the ability to practice in your garage, basement, or other indoor space. You can set up a variety of different drills and exercises quickly and easily. All you need is a spare room with an appropriate backstop to stop the pellets. For outdoor practice, biodegradable pellets are also available. You can use a variety of paper and reactive targets and are only limited by your imagination as to combinations.

Being able to practice at home has allowed me to fit airsoft training into my regular dry fire program. I have found real value in this arrangement for myself; not only is it a break from the regular routines of dry fire, but it has also forced me to concentrate on flawless follow-through after breaking each shot (note: using black pellets forces you to use your sights and not follow the pellet downrange with your eyes).

Firearms training with airsoft guns has several real advantages including fast, economical practice with minimal setup, indoor practice during poor weather, and force-on-force training. No longer is airsoft just a game. I see it as a part of training smarter, not harder.

Ron Avery, co-founder

Tactical Performance Center

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