Practice: 300 Rounds, Focus on Fundamentals

Practice: 300 Rounds, Focus on Fundamentals

This is a practice designed for improving fundamentals as well as seeing what fundamentals need more work. You will advance to rapid shooting, done deliberately, and then document in your journal what worked and what you will do to improve. 

It’s always important to catch  yourself doing things right and remember what that felt like.  Do it in practice. Do it in LIFE!

1.  TPC 24 Cold Rating – see     
Log your results in your journal. Also write down what you aced on the test and how you did it,  and then note how you think you can improve your performance.  Write down good things you did, or good ideas to improve. Or any tools / training that might help. 

2.  Warmup – Best 75, see 
Do it dry. Then do it hot. Work hard! Stay focused!
If you’ve done this before, maybe consider doing all 75 on one thing you really need work on.
Log it!

3. Pick up the pace with a Faster Rhythms (
Earn your live shots by dedicated and deliberate visualization of each rhythm and dry practice prior to shooting live. Bullets cost. Visualization and dry-fire are free!
Log it!

Just 100 rounds left!

4. What fundamental was weak in Faster Rhythms?   Devote 75 purposeful rounds to doing it exactly right.  Experiment – this is your 75 rounds. Pick a target, think of something to try, do it!  As usual, visualize it, dry fire it, do it live. Earn that live fire by thinking your way through it.

5. Warm Down – 25 rounds. Group Fire. Get rid of the TPC logo on every target still pasted up on the backer.

6. Warm Down.  Do that again. Dry.

Log it in your journal, including:

– what’s working
– ideas to try next time dry, next time live
– things to ask better shooters
– training to seek
– tools that might help

Be Positive.  

For extra credit… help a friend or new shooter. Teachers learn the most!

Head for lunch or home satisfied that your time and ammo were well spent to improve subconscious fundamentals that could save your life,  win your next match, or just make that next qualification so much easier.