Exercise: Anticipation Be Gone, 100 rounds.

Summary: Anticipation can be tough to kick. Let’s face it straight on with 100 rounds.
Rounds: 150 dry, 100 live
Distance: 3 to 7 yards varying with skill
Target: 3 Inch Round Circles (don’t have one, 3 inch square duct tape works)
Start Position: Compressed Imminent Threat
Dry Variant: Do just the dry part.




  1.  Earn your live shots with perfect dry fire and perfect 50/50 drills
  2. 20 shots per circle, like this:
    1. Dry:
      1. Present to the circle, if the sights do not arrive at the target aligned, stop, and do again.
      2. Release the shot, hold still.
      3. A good rep has sights unmoved
      4. Question – is your grip still consistent pressure as the beginning?
      5. That’s one good rep, do 20 in a row to earn your live fire
    2. Live Fire:
      1. Each shot, present to the circle. If sights do not arrive at the target aligned, stop and do again.
      2. 10 rounds of 50/50 (load handgun, take out magazine). Shoot, press trigger AGAIN dry within 1/2 second of shot.
      3. 10 rounds live, HOLD STILL after each shot
    3. Repeat for each circle. Alternate Dry, to 50/50, to live on each circle.


Take your time. Think don’t Plink. The pain will be your gain.

Break your stance and grip frequently to help you get reps in building each again.

What does it mean to stay still after the shot?  Don’t even bring the gun down out of recoil lift. Just do nothing. Eventually, bring it back down to Compressed Imminent Threat, or rebuild stance/grip for practice, and drive on.  Note that on 50/50 portion you will be bringing the handgun back down after the live shot.

You will, and should, feel tired after this exercise. Mentally tired. A good tired. The kind of tired that comes from vanquishing long time enemies. Remember how it feels to hold still while shooting!