Practice: Anticipation Therapy, 300 Rounds

Practice: Anticipation Therapy, 300 Rounds


Summary:  A practice devoted to eradicating anticipation from the known universe
Rounds: 300
Time: About 2 hours. 
Required:  Berm,  3 Inch Circle Targets, Blank Sheet of Paper, 

1.  We will work our way up to seeing the sights. 

2.  Wrist/Cam Pressure – at chest height, 40 rounds. 
       Key – use safe part of berm, look at berm, not gun. Just let it happen. Do it with deliberation. Take breaks.

3. Wrist/Cam Pressure Exercise – as prescribed. 
      Key – regrip/build stance. Build 8 tight groups on that blank piece of paper.

4. Wrist / Cam Pressure Exercise – Count to 10 between shots variant.  40 rounds. 
     Hold still for a minute? You can do it!

5. Anticipation Be Gone, 100 Rounds (150 dry)

6. You are at 220 rounds right now. 80 left. 

7.  TPC 24 – twice. 48 rounds. 
      Let’s get up to gunfight speed. See how things work. Make sure to note what you did when you got HITS.

8. 50 / 50 Drills  – See Anticipation Be Gone for description.   24 rounds. Target of your choice. 

9.  With your remaining 8 rounds, get rid of a TPC logo on any target on the backer. 

10.  25 Dry to TPC Logo. Be perfect. Take your time. End strong.

11. Journal Time – write down what worked. Write down ideas of what to do to improve. Write down questions to ask a better shooter. Write down any tools or training to help you come up with ideas to improve. 


This one will tire you out – mentally – if you do it right.  And you should do it right!  Take your time. Think Don’t Plink…. It should take you about 2 hours, feel free to take breaks, snack, drink, and SMILE!