Exercise: Trigger Time 100

Exercise: Trigger Time 100

Summary:  100 Rounds of Your Best Trigger Pulls Ever, Or your money back!
Rounds:  224 dry, 100 live
Start Position: Compressed Imminent Threat
Target: 2″ Round Circles
Distance: 3 to 7 yards with skill
Dry Variant: Do the dry portion only

Most people can aim. Far fewer people can keep the gun from moving when pulling the trigger.   Let’s fix that!

Trigger success has two basic concepts:  

  1. isolating the trigger finger movement from the rest of the grip
  2. a surprise break or acceptance of recoil

Should it be any surprise that those two concepts are directly what we are going to work on? 


Per Row:

Dry: 8 dry shots per target. Focus ENTIRELY on moving just the trigger finger. This is partly mental, and it might be physical (how you grip the gun). 

Live: 4 live shots per target, FOCUS ENTIRELY on moving just the trigger finger.

Dry: 8 dry shots per target, Focus ENTIRELY on HOLDING still with the trigger press

Live: 4 live shots per target, FOCUS ENTIRELY on HOLDING still with the shot. 

You have done 192 dry and 96 live reps. 

Live: You have 4 live shots left. Pick a spot on the paper and use them to make the same hole with 4 rounds.

Warm Down: Dry fire one row, with 4 REPS of focus on just moving trigger, and 4 REPS of holding still. 

Journal Time: Write down what worked. Write down ideas to try to improve. Write down any tools you feel might help. Write down questions to ask better shooters.  Write down any training you may need.


A good rep starts rise with sights alined. Don’t take the shot if you didn’t arrive with perfect sight alignment. Do it again, RIGHT> 

A good live rep ends with you finding your sights again and the trigger prepped ready to deliver another perfect shot.  

Moving only the trigger is mental AND physical. You may need to adjust your grip and your trigger finger placement to permit mechnical isolation of the movement of the trigger finger. 

DA first pull on the gun? Well.. you bought it,  alternate DA and SA, probably leaning towards DA since the first pull is the most important! 

Extra credit variant:  Mess up a rep dry? Start that circle over.

As usual… take your time, keep your notebook close, and enjoy yourself. You are on the range. You are getting better!

Having trouble paying attention?  You can do 8 dry, 4 live, 8 dry, 4 live per target as a variant for the attention challenged student.