Exercise: The Gun Also Rises – 100 Rounds


Exercise: The Gun Also Rises

Summary:  Burn in the concept of Lifting the Gun Up with Sights Aligned and Pausing 
Rounds: 100 live, 225 dry
Distance: 3 to 7 yards with skill
Target:  5 inch circles with 1″ center dot
Start Position: Compressed Imminent Threat

Whether drawing from holster, from the gun held in an administrative position, gun held in a tactical position (low ready, imminent threat), from a glove box of a car, or a battlefield pickup – presenting to the target is the same.  We recommend, for the earliest hit, that the gun lift up with SIGHTS ALIGNED, and when you arrive on target you PAUSE and you Try To See What You Need to See, then shoot. 

Pause?  Yes. We pause. It happens fast. 4 or 6  shots per second fast, but we mentally transition to seeing what we need to see (or feel in some shots). 
This exercise gives you 200 excellent reps of that process.  We use a circle with a dot so that you can lift to the dot, pull the trigger, and have hits outside of the dot.  You could use any target you want for this – we often use one of the vertical rectangle since that is a typical threat stop zone region.



– you will be presenting to the small black circle in the bigger gray circle. 

– 10 dry reps per target, to burn it in.  On each target, if you miss one, start over at one on that target.

– Do it At the Speed of Right Phase – Live fire, per target:
   – 5 dry reps, if perfect, proceed to live fire. If not, get 5 perfect dry reps.
   – 5 live reps
   – 5 dry reps, perfect please
   – 5 live reps

– Earlier and Earlier Phase – Live Fire Per Target
    – 5 dry reps
    – 5 live reps
    – on each target shorten the pause, see where you see and go earlier

– Burn It In Phase – Live Fire Per Target
   – 5 dry reps
   – 5 live reps
   – all targets at the EARLIEST you KNOW you can get it right 90% of the time

– Warm Down
    – 5 dry per target at the DO IT RIGHT PACE

– Journal time – write down what worked, what  you think might help, any tools/training you may want to ask to the mix, including questions to ask TPC or a better shooter on your range.


– Perfect dry reps end with your trigger reset and your eyes finding the sights back on target, then bring it down, and start again.

– Rebuild grip and stance at least each target.

– Lift gun at the pace of pointing your finger at something. Learn to do it at that speed.  Adrenaline may pick that pace up naturally, but you will be doing it “right”, which means hits.  

– Sight Alignment means arriving with the rear sight at equal height – equal light each time.  The “perfect sight picture”. 

– Lifting with sights aligned means holding that perfect alignment from compressed imminent threat up til lift is done. This is called “feel” and knowing it lets you shoot earlier, including before you have visual knowledge of the sights – simply by feel – if the target permits it.

– Have fun. Take your Time. Do it right!  Then do it earlier. Learn what works, burn it in.   Enjoy your time on the range improving.