Exercise: Build it Right X 200

Exercise: By the Numbers

Summary:  Get 132 dry, and 96 live, reps of building your perfect stance and grip.
Rounds:  96
Dry Variant: 132 dry, you can do this dry only
Target: 2 Inch Circles
Distance: 5 to 7 yards with skill
Variants: Any target will do

Correct repetitions build subconscious mastery.  Let’s do 100 just right!

Dry: 120 reps, 10 perfect in a row per target

1. Break down your stance – step back, step forward, to where you shoot

2. Take a deep breath, blow it out, take away any tension

3.  Draw gun to Hand Clap, build stance, adding only tension where needed

4.  Add in grip, lifting to eyes, adding only tension where needed 

5. Rise with sights aligned to a perfect equal height, equal light sight picture on the target

6. Confirm sights, isolate trigger action, <click>, hold follow thru for 2 seconds

Repeat 10 in a row perfect per target. Start at 1 if any step is done wrong.

Live:  8 rounds per target, 96 rounds total

– Same, only with real bullets!

Dry:  12 

1 Per target to warm down

Journal Time:

– write down what worked, what you learned
– write down ideas you want to try for a problem you hit
– write down any tools you want to get to make things better
– write down any questions for an instructor or coach

General Thoughts:

The concept of rebuilding stance and grip as much as often in a practice is often overlooked. You are on the range, you have a gun, you have targets, ammo – GET THE MOST OUT OF THE TIME AND MONEY.   If what you are practicing permits it, take every opportunity to slowly and correctly rebuild the stance/grip so that you add to your brain’s memory of how to do it right subconsciously.