Exercise: See It, Feel It, Hit

Exercise: See It, Feel It, Hit It

Summary:  We slow things down to speed things up by focusing on pulling the trigger as early as we see what we need to see.
Target: Trigger Stripes  4  or 7 yards (with skill)
Rounds: 65 live, 100 dry


This exercises works on visual recognition and a calm trigger pull by varying the speed we raise the gun up from 1/2, 3/4, full speed while still shooting as early as we SEE or FEEL the sight picture we need to see.  The BENEFIT will be being able to see early and pull as early as you can without disturbing your trigger pull.  

By “Feel” – with perfect sight alignment by feel, at closer yardages you should be able to feel you will hit it. If so, pull, and hit. Congratulations on being early!


Full Speed – a sense of urgency when pointing your finger at something
2/3rds speed – calmly pointing at something
1/2 speed: slowly pointing at something without stopping your motion


Start Position: Compressed Imminent Threat, Handgun cocked, or Loaded (safety off, finger on side)

Left target: 4 yards @ 1/2 speed

 – 10 reps Dry Fire: Present at 1/2 speed
                                        pull the trigger the minute you see the sight picture you feel will hit the target
                                        after 1 to 2 second follow-thru, return to start position.
– 10 reps  Live Fire: Same
– 10 reps Dry Fire: Same
– 10 reps Live Fire: Same
– 10 reps Dry Fire: Same

You are focusing on seeing what you need to see and pulling the trigger when you see it. At 3 yards you may feel it too (with sight alignment done properly by feel with the grip).

Center Target: 4 yards @ 2/3rds speed


Right Target: Full speed 


Warm Down:

5 rounds, get rid of the TPC logo with grouping (slow!) fire

10 dry with perfect trigger pull and follow thru (don’t pin the trigger)

Journal Time:

Write down what you did that helped you. 
Write down ideas to further improvement and things to try.
Write down questions for a coach, instructor or better shooter.


As usual, think your way through this.  Honor the idea… go slow, pull when you see it, then add more urgency. 

Variants: This can be done with any target. Doing it on static steel is fun.