Meet Our Cadre

Why train with us?  We teach an amazing doctrine,  Reactive Shooting Science, that is a scientific approach to shooting success.  We also have uniquely personalized classes unlike any offered in the industry.  Both of those are delivered by the most talented, well trained, and student-centric cadre possible.

Ken and Ron hired and built staff first prioritizing personality and teaching ability, then shooting ability (which we then went about improving).  The result is, in our opinion, the most talented set of instructors available in any firearms training company.   Being an instructor with us is not easy.  All of our instructors undergo and pass at least 2 weeks of initial instructor training, then join numerous classes as candidates where they are mentored and taught how TPC teaches.  They also participate in weekly continuing education/improvement on doctrine, teaching skills in combination with their regular shooting skill practices.

In order of tenure with us:

All of our cadre are first “Performance Coaches”, then may have other additional duties.  This reflects our Our Teaching Philosophy of very customized attention to students. Our instructors are trained to evaluate each student individually and coach them to the best performance they can deliver.

Note: The “TPC 24” number below each instructor is their typical average score on our core TPC 24 shooting skills test.  If not given, we are collecting new data and will update it.


Ken Nelson

Co-Founder, President
Performance Coach, Handgun
Leve I-IV Doctrine Development
TPC 24 G43 – 14 to 17,  G17  – 16 to 20, STI 2011 – 18 to 21

Ken co-founded TPC with Ron Avery in 2015.   He has trained thousands of shooters over the years preceding and since the formation of TPC.   He is an avid practical shooter who has competed in IDPA, USPSA, Steel, SASS, and 3-Gun. He met partner Ron Avery when squadded together in 2009, and the rest is history! In years past he was a highly ranked air rifle and NRA .22 competitor. He is the creator and manager of the free PractiScore project for tablet-based scoring practical shooting matches – used by most matches/clubs around the USA.  Ken served in the Army long ago. In addition to TPC he also runs the Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range that is our home range, and two well established software companies.



JoAnn Bradley

Performance Coach, Handgun/Rifle
Operations Manager
Level I-IV Doctrine Development
TPC 24 G45  – 12 to 14(16+ is coming!)

JoAnn was a student of Ken’s prior to the formation of TPC and was the first employee Ken & Ron hired. She’s been here from the beginning!  She is an avid practical shooter competing in USPSA, Steel, and Multigun. She is an accomplished horse trainer, which may explain why she is so good at teaching shooters!


Brian Nelson

Performance Coach, Handgun/Rifle/Shotgun/Multi-Gun
Doctrine Development Lead
Cadre Development Lead

TPC 24 – STI 2011 .40 – 22.8 (highest),  G41 .45ACP – 18.5, CZ AccuShadow w/ Optic – 22

Brian is the Head of Doctrine and Head of Cadre Development for TPC.  He has been with the company since inception. Brian is a multi-division Grandmaster in USPSA, an Master in IDPA, and is winner of multiple world, national and regional titles in various sports as well as major matches in 3 Gun. He has been a member of multiple World Shoot teams. He competes in many matches around the USA and the World, and will travel to about 9 countries competing and training in a typical year.


Rossen Hrisov

Performance Coach, Handgun / Rifle
Level I-IV Doctrine Development
TPC 24 – CZ Shadow / Optic – 21-22,  CZ Shadow Iron – 19-21

Rossen was the 2nd hire for TPC.  Prior to joining TPC he served in the Bulgarian Army, and then spent a decade traveling the world with the US State Department Diplomatic Security Service.   He also did contract work as instructor and security in various parts of the Middle East.  He moved to Ameria during because of a strong love for freedom and teaching.  Rossen is a multi-division Grand Master in the USPSA. He is an avid practical shooter, competing all over the world and the US each year.




Jeffrey Yerger

Performance Coach Handgun/Rifle
TPC 24: Glock 34 – 22

Jeffrey is a long time instructor as well as a personal security professional to VIPs all over the world.   He is an IDPA Distinguished Master, a USPSA Grand Master, and is the winner of numerous national and regional titles in both sports.  Jeffrey has been with TPC since the beginning, graduating from our first internal cadre development class in 2015.   He also has the distinguished position of being the first person Brian and Ken ever shot with when they started up in Practical Shooting!


Glen Wong

Performance Coach, Handgun / Rifle / Multi-Gun
Leve 1 – 4 Doctrine Development
TPC 24 – STI 2011 .40 : 18 to 22

Glen taught with Ken prior to forming TPC. He is a USPSA Master and has been a competitor and instructor since the late 1980s.  He competes at very high levels in USPSA and multigun.  He is also an accomplished martial artist and instructor and is in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.  Glen is well known these days as the coach for the upcoming Jalise and Justine Williams, who first trained with TPC when they were 10, and are now dominant performers in the practical shooting world at ages 14 and 16.



Jeff B.

Performance Coach, Handgun
TPC 24: STI 2011 .40- 21-22

Jeffrey is a graduate of our first internal cadre development course in 2015.  He is a retired Deputy Sheriff / Federal Agent (firearms instructor for much of that time) who now has time to instruct with us regularly.  He is a USPSA Grand Master, and is a State and Regional champion.  His photo and last name are withheld due to his longtime role in law enforcement.


Donovan Montross

Performance Coach, Handgun
TPC 24: STI 2011 — 22

Donovan graduated from our first internal cadre development course in 2015.  He is a USPSA Grandmaster. He is a senior in Computer Science at our local university and also works for one of Ken’s software companies. He participates mainly in our competition oriented courses and also acts as an internal coach for cadre shooting performance improvement.  Once he graduates we hope to have him be a regular part of all of our courses.  He is a gifted shooter and as an instructor is particularly gifted at simplifying the complicated for maximum performance.



Adam Riser

Performance Coach, Rifle/Shotgun/Multigun
TPC 24: G34 – 22

Adam is a long time TPC student and also one of the developers of our multi-gun doctrine. Adam is a top multi-gun competitor and a winner of the challenging Hard as Hell multi-gun.


Brady A.

Performance Coach, Handgun/Rifle/Shotgun/Multigun
Lead Utah CCW Instructor

TPC 24: CZ Shadow 9mm – 18 to 20

Brady is a graduate of our 2016 internal cadre development program. He also has graduated from our Handgun Combat Master Program.  Brady is a long time LEO, is a Master class shooter in USPSA, and has one regional titles in LEO matches.  Brady leads our CCW courses, our 1-day courses, and also participates in our competition specific and LEO specific courses.  His last name is left off for security.


Aaron Brekke

Performance Coach, Handgun/Rifle/Shotgun/Multigun
TPC 24: Single Stack 9mm – 20-21

Aaron joined TPC in 2018 after first attending numerous classes and then graduating from our internal cadre development program. He is an accomplished multi-gun and handgun competitor, shooting Master class in USPSA.  Aaron, an accomplished gunsmith, is also the guy who will keep your guns running in class.


Max Leograndis

Performance Coach, Handgun / Rifle
Leve 1 – 4 Doctrine Development
TPC 24 – CZ Shadow 20 to 21

Max is a multiple time National Champion in USPSA PCC division, along with numerous state and regional titles.   Max was a full-time instructor with TPC but now works part-time with us so he can travel the world focused on competing and winning.


Alex Stout

Performance Coach, Handgun
TPC 24: CZ Shadow, 9mm – 19-20

Alex came to TPC first as a student and then joined our instructor cadre in 2017.  He is an A class shooter in USPSA.


Tim Yackley

Performance Coach, Handgun / Rifle / Shotgun / Multigun

TPC 24 – STI 2011 .40 – 19 to 20

Tim is the winner of many multi-gun titles and is a USPSA Master class shooter. He worked as a full-time instructor with us before transitioning to a “reserve” instructor that helps with specialty classes so that he can focus on competing and college.

IMG_6595 (1)

Jalise Williams

Performance Coach, Handgun / Rifle
TPC 24 – STI 2011 18 to 21

Just 16, Jalise graduated our TPC instructor program in early 2018.   She has taken over 20 TPC courses and is now an instructor. She competes in 3-gun, USPSA, IPSC, and USSL. She has won 2 Lady National Titles in USPSA making her the youngest Lady National Champion in USPSA history. She is Master class in Single Stack. She has been on the Men’s Classic Team USA for the Pan American Games. She is a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu Karate and an accomplished pianist. She is a straight-A student and travels all over the U.S. competing in competitions.



Justine Williams

Performance Coach, Handgun / Rifle
TPC 24 – STI 2011 18 to 21

Justine graduated our TPC instructor program in early 2018. She is a USPSA Grandmaster in Production and Master class shooter in several different divisions. She has competed and won at the national level. Justine won High Lady at the 2018 IPSC Nationals. She also won a Gold, Silver, and Bronze at the Pan American Games, and she has several other titles.  Justine has taken over 20 Tactical Performance Center classes. Justine loves instructing all different levels of shooters. Justine’s hobbies include working with horses and volunteering in her community.




Mike Baur

Performance Coach, Handgun / Rifle / Shotgun / Multigun

TPC 24 – STI 2011 9mm 18 to 21
Mike graduated from our cadre development program in 2017. He is an accomplished multi-gun competitor, a match director, and a Master class USPSA competitor.



Jeremy Dunn

Performance Coach, Handgun
TPC 24 – STI 2011 18 to 21

Jeremy is a graduate of our 2017 internal cadre development program. He is also the Sales Manager at Double Tap ammunition – a global maker of premium ammunition based in Southern Utah. He is a Master Class shooter in USPSA, and is also the past LEO champion in various state and regional competitions. Jeremy is a huge advocate of competition for LEO, including running the Utah LEO championships for Pistol and for Multigun ( as well as winning them regularly).



TG George

Performance Instructor, Handgun / Rifle
TPC 24: Sig P320 — 14 to 16

TG George was our Operations Director as well as a Performance Coach but has moved to reserve status as he moved out of our area for love (to get married!).  Which we support!  TG is a retired LtC in the USAF and flew F-16s for most of his career.  TG was a student who attended numerous classes, and then attended our instructor training and mentored to earn his Performance Coach certification.  He teaches with us regularly.


Kimber Dunn

Performance Coach, Handgun
TPC 24: STI 2011 —

Kimber is a graduate of our 2017 internal Instructor Development course. She’s mentored at numerous courses, achieving her Performance Coach certification in early 2018. She is an A class USPSA shooter.

Chris C.

Performance Coach, Handgun
TPC 24: STI 2011 20-21

Chris went from C class to Grandmaster one year with hard work and a number of TPC classes.  He then attended our instructor school and became a Performance Coach with us.  His picture is not shown, nor last name used, because he is an active duty member of an elite special operations group.   Chris trains with us, and teaches with us, when not off in exotic lands doing dangerous things.



Louie T.

Performance Coach, Handgun / Rifle / Shotgun / Multigun

TPC 24 – 18-21

Louie is a long time police officer (holding a high rank now), and a 15+ year student of Ron and then TPC.  He graduated from our 2017 internal cadre development program and easily earned his certification as a TPC Performance Coach.  Louie is a huge proponent of Reactive Shooting Science and other related doctrines and is a national leading innovator in excellent/realistic firearms training for law enforcement officers.  Louie participates as a reserve instructor for classes that align with his schedule.  We can’t wait for him to retire!



Lynda Turnbull

Performance Coach Candidate, Handgun 

TPC 24 – 

Lynda is a long time competitor in USPSA and Multigun. She is an A class shooter in USPSA.  She is currently in our mentoring program for TPC Performance Coach certification. She also enjoys breaking Ken’s dirt bikes.


Are you LEO or Mil?

In Memorium

Our Co-Founder, Ron Avery, passed away in Feb 2019.

In every class, and with every student, we try to honor what he helped us build and his legacy as the creator of the most effective doctrine for shooting and shooting instruction (“Reactive Shooting Science”).

But for us he was more than just the guy that developed the doctrine we teach – he was our friend and our mentor. We miss him every day.