carbine mastery

This is a reactive marksmanship-based training focused on biomechanics and efficient manipulations with a final goal to improve the efficiency of speed and accuracy in carbine/rifle shooting. Through a combination of lecture, group discussion, demonstration, and testing, each student will learn how to practically apply the concepts of Reactive Shooting with a semi/auto carbine/rifle. You will learn the principles of Reactive Shooting Science, how they correlate to carbine/rifle and how to apply those principles on an individual basis. Each trainee will understand how to self-diagnose any deficiencies or errors using these principles and how to correct them immediately.


  • Fire Control Triangle – purposes, principles, and techniques of the shooting stance, grip, and trigger control for high-speed shooting while maintaining a high level of accuracy

    • Using stance and grip to create passive control over the carbine/rifle
    • Diagnostics of recovery after the shot
    • Trigger control – purposes and principles
  • Grouping patterns and diagnostics – how to read your shooting group in dynamic close-range fire and how to discover and correct potential technical problems in recoil control or trigger pull.
  • Sight offset factor (point of aim, point of impact) for close quarter engagements
  • Principles behind efficient multiple targets engagements
  • Reactive Shooting Cycle – the “algorithm” of the shot (the six elements of the perfect shot)
  • Zeroing and zero confirmation
  • Ready positions and rapidly mounting/dismounting the rifle
  • Off-hand engagement 50 – 100 yards and midrange distances with multiple shots
  • Dynamic engagements and shooting on the move
  • Principles of support
  • Utilizing additional support for fast target engagements at medium and long-range distances and factors of influence in a realistic environment


  • Semi-auto rifle/carbine or pistol caliber carbine(PCC) chambered in .223/ 5.56 or 9mm
  • Rifle sling
  • At least three magazines – Must be able to retain two magazines on your body
  • Ammunition – 1200 rounds. We can arrange a purchase through our suppliers!
  • Pen – Note Pad
  • Eye & Ear Protection
  • Knee pads
  • Bring Lunch and Water

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