Category: 2″ Circles

Exercise: Build it Right X 200

Exercise: By the Numbers Summary:  Get 132 dry, and 96 live, reps of building your perfect stance and grip.Rounds:  96Dry Variant: 132 dry, you can do this dry onlyTarget: 2 Inch CirclesDistance: 5 to 7 yards with skillVariants: Any target will do Correct repetitions build subconscious mastery.  Let’s do 100 just right! Dry: 120 reps, 10…
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Exercise: Trigger Time 100

Exercise: Trigger Time 100 Summary:  100 Rounds of Your Best Trigger Pulls Ever, Or your money back!Rounds:  224 dry, 100 liveStart Position: Compressed Imminent ThreatTarget: 2″ Round CirclesDistance: 3 to 7 yards with skillDry Variant: Do the dry portion only Most people can aim. Far fewer people can keep the gun from moving when pulling the…
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