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Exercise – TPC WB 5 40 (Walkback 5 40)

Exercise – The WalkBack 5 40 (WB 5 40) – an exercise and a test Summary: Shoot from 5 yards to 50 (reduced tgt at 25) in this test of draw, vision, and trigger.Rounds: 40Targets : USPSA/IPSC Metric Target,  PractiMini We recommend watching the video. Procedure: – each string starts from holster, with gun loaded,…
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Exercise: Faster Rhythms

Summary: Rhythm means performing a sequence of steps correctly and in the right order at a particular speed. This exercise builds your ability shoot correctly at faster and faster speeds.Target: PractiMini @ 5 to 10 yards depending on your skill (this needs legal sized paper) Rounds: 88 minimum, 100 or more with retries Procedure:Not sure about rhythm speeds?  Here…
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