Handgun Mastery Program

This is our core program. It is designed for anyone with the desire to dramatically improve their shooting performance, whether as defenders, armed professionals, firearms instructors, competitive shooters or legal gun owners.

Our Handgun Mastery Program is the best way to develop your potential. It is the path to being the best shooter you can be – to being the best shooter on your range or on your department. It is the path to mastery.

You can take the initial course once and see amazing benefits. If you so choose, you can return as we help you progress through a series of skills measurements ending, potentially, at becoming among the best in the world. The course program is so exclusive because it is equally relevant for less experienced shooters up to the highest performers in the field. Everyone will gain a level of knowledge appropriate to one’s level of skill and desire. That is one of the reasons, Handgun Mastery is so unique.

We focus not just on shooting skill but also on the knowledge and mindset to improve and gain consistent performance. This program grounds the students solidly in Reactive Shooting Science(tm) with an emphasis on building consistently high performers with a handgun.

Handgun Mastery - Core 1,2,3

1-Day Handgun Courses

Now you have the opportunity to attend only one of the days of the Handgun Mastery when we run the class in the home base facilities. We call that program, “Handgun Mastery – Core.”

Day 1 – Handgun Mastery Core 1

Day 2 – Handgun Mastery Core 2 

Day 3 – Handgun Mastery Core 3

So basically, that is the original 3-day handgun Mastery course, but you can choose to attend only day 1 or day 1 and 2 or if you attended day 1 or 2 in the past, you could sign directly for day 3.  

⚠ The only condition is to attend Handgun Mastery – Core 1 before Core 2 and Core 3!

Handgun Mastery Core 1 is essential to have a clear understanding of the progression in our style of teaching!

While we still recommend that you invest in the full Handgun Mastery course for maximum effectiveness, we understand that this is not possible for some of you. This option will allow you to be introduced to specific aspects of our doctrine, known as “Reactive Shooting Science,” without dedicating the full three days, 1500 rounds of ammunition, and the full price of the Handgun Mastery course.



1 day of training- 500 rounds of ammunition required

Fire Control Tringle – Purposes and principles of the handgun stance, grip, and trigger control. On this day of training, you will learn how to create a shooting rhythm and develop the ability to control the gun, firing multiple shots at gunfight speed. You will learn how to create a bio-mechanical shooting platform.

⚠ Please check equipment requirements at the bottom of the page!


1 day of training- 500 rounds of ammunition required

An in-depth lecture on Vision will allow you to learn what you need to see in order to hit at gunfight speeds. You will learn what is necessary to see to deliver an accurate shot for a minimal time. Additionally, you will learn the perfect draw from the holster using the S.A.F.E. series – sight alignment by feel exercise. You will learn how to engage multiple targets combining vision, biomechanics, the principle of management of momentum.

⚠ Please check equipment requirements at the bottom of the page!


1 day of training- 500 rounds of ammunition required

Using the TPC 24 Challenge, you will learn how to test and diagnose your shooting platform. Visual acceptability and the Focal Continuum will be heavily applied. You will learn to improve your understanding of what sight picture is good enough when we need to engage targets fast. Finally, you will learn The Reactive Shooting Cycle (the algorithm of the shot).  Learning and understanding this process will improve your ability to deliver a shot as soon as possible with the maximum probability of a hit as well as learning how to diagnose shooter errors and correct them in real-time.

⚠ Please check equipment requirements at the bottom of the page!


  • Quality eye and ear protection (we highly recommend electronic ear pro)
  • A reliable service type or competition handgun and at least three spare magazines
  • A backup handgun if you have one, just in case!
  • A sturdy belt, OWB kydex type holster that protects the trigger and several mag pouches
  • A hat and clothing to suit the weather and protect you from ejected brass. We recommend that high neck shirts be worn.
  • To keep your hands more comfortable through the learning process, we recommend that you bring an athletic tape.
  • Water/electrolyte drinks/snacks to keep up your energy
  • A notebook/pen or pencil

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