We want to train your unit or agency

Choosing a new training partner is a big deal.

We can bring one of your key people here for training, or we can send one of ours there for a sample course.

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We teach a powerful system called “Reactive Shooting Science”.  It is the science of the earliest shot with the best chance of an accurate hit.  This system is easy to teach and works well with any sized or strength human.

We offer Instructor Development and Certification courses that teach your trainers how to use this system.

We offer Skill Development courses that teach your personnel how to use this system to dramatically improve their shooting performance.

A key tenant is measurement – you will know skill levels precisely thru use of our TPC Rating system (free).



Skill Courses

Our Handgun / Carbine Skill courses focus on skill boosting backed by our TPC rating system that provides an objective measure of their skill level and improvement.  Don’t guess if your unit is improving – measure it!

These courses can be hosted at our home range or yours. We customize around 3 day, 2 day, 1, and 1/2 day modules for handgun/carbine that typically operate Mon-Fri.

We can scale classes to 60 students, maintaining a 1 to 5 student-teacher ratio.

We can come to your POST Academy (or follow-on training) and provide shooting skill training integrated into your existing refresh plans.

Our method of shooting works well for small or big students. It adapts to them. We do not teach cookie-cutter approaches that do not work for some of your unit.

Instructor Courses – Teaching the Teachers

TPC Instructor Development courses advance handgun or carbine shooting skill, teaching skill, problem diagnosis, corrective techniques, and can optionally certify instructor shooting or teaching ability.

Instructors become better shooters and also learn to debug, diagnose, and fix students based on principles that apply to any student experience level.

Due to the extreme personalized nature of teaching instructors, we generally try for a 1 to 3 teacher to student ratio.  This limits class size to roughly 30 students, range space being the controlling factor.

The key to our approach is we teach a system that any instructor can use to build effective shooting skill in any student.  The system is also used to identify shooting issues and fix them very quickly and in a depersonalized way custom to the shooter.

Training Your People without Disrupting Your Work Schedule

Finding time to escape for training is hard – especially for an entire unit.   For Skill or Instructor courses we can build a plan to integrate your unit members in with other units (or with your approval into our high-end civilian classes) and incrementally bump up your units skill without serious schedule disruption.

Our VIP Program can be used to purchase flexible (and unlimited) training slots that you can route your personnel thru incrementally without impacting your schedules.


I highly recommend TPC for anyone interested in increasing their gun handwriting skills. the level of detail in the instruction was excellent.

–  Team Leader, Federal SWAT Tac Team


TPC earned my respect and admiration within the first few hours… I saw improvement in each evolution of training.

–  SWAT officer, Seattle Police Dept.


The best training I have been to in 8 years in the air force

–  Combat Arms Firearms Instructor, USAF


I learned more in this class than in 22 years of law enforcement

–  Deputy, Orange County Sheriff Dept (California)


This course was amazing. The boundaries of what humans can do is constantly being pushed thanks to techniques, technology and training.

–  SWAT Instuctor, Sandy Police Department (UT)