How Good are You At Shooting?


We strive to objectively measure student skill. It helps us know where you need help as a student.  It helps the student know and understand their progression.

We use 4 basic rating measurements that can be used to subjectively see where you are relative to the highest scores verified/recorded:

  • TPC 24
  • TPC Walk-Back 25  (WB25)
  • TPC Rating – combines TPC24 with TPC WB25

We use the TPC Rating and its components to assess students, to objectively verify they are ready to move to new levels of training and standards, and also to help put students under stress so we can verify performance and confidence.

Please try them – they are easy to do and will help you when you are the student AND you are your own teacher.

Ken N.
Co-Founder, TPC

TPC Rating (a test designed to be simple and quickly administered).

How good are you?  How do you know?

You can rate yourselves among your buddies. Or maybe your qualification scores on your department or unit quals (usually far too easy).

All of these examples are subjective and local viewpoints.  For instance, among my friends, I’m among the worst shooters, but since I hang with professional shooters, that’s like being the worst golfer on the PGA tour… still pretty good.

The follow on question is “good”…. at what?  For this set of ratings, we say “at shooting”. Pure shooting + the draw, reload – basic shooting skill.  Not tactics or use of cover or any outside of pure shooting skill.

I only know of one way to answer this objectively now – that is to compete. I recommend competition for anybody truly interested in improving their shooting skill.  I recognize, however, that many won’t, and that I can also not implement a competition in every training situation where I want to measure shooting skill (due to time, range restrictions, customer perceptions).

We decided to sit down and come up with a test that had these attributes:

  • high standard accuracy
  • a realistic standard for speed (gunfight speed)
  • was largely independent of the gun, caliber, holster or other gear issues
  • could be administered on a line, in a normal 25-yard bay
  • could be administered to a line of 10 shooters in 20 minutes or less
  • provided a global comparison of skill

Our answer (as designed by our lead instructor group) is the TPC Rating.

TPC Rating Components

The rating is based on two tests, the TPC 24 and the TPC WB25.

These tests are done COLD. First shots of the day. We prefer no dry fire or other “practice” prior as well.

Both are scored by points per second scoring.

Here is an overview:

TPC 24 – a 24 round high-speed test at 7 yards. From a technical perspective, this tests rhythm at speed and relatively easy target (4×6 inches).

TPC WB25 – a 25 round test from the holster at 5 to 25 yards. This tests core fundamentals like the draw, trigger under different target difficulties, presenting with sights aligned, and visually driven shooting (the distant shots are a challenge).

Use the Ratings Calculator page to compute your rating.

Current high scores (late 2018) are:

TPC 24 of 22.5 and TPC WB25 of 9.3 for a TPC Rating of 200 points / 100%)

And you now know where you stand as compared to the best in the world!

Details on the two tests are below.

We are developing a “TPC Rating” app to measure this for you. Until it is complete you can use Rating Calculator to do the math.

Have fun with it! If you come to class you can expect to do these tests a few times during your time with us.

Ken Nelson
Co-Founder, TPC


How to Run the TPC 24


  • 3 string of 8 shots each
  • the target is our TPC 4×6 rectangle at 7 yards
  • each shot is worth 5 points, totalling 120 points (24 shots x 5pts)
  • start is compressed imminent threat position
  • your score is (#hits * 5) / total of your three time strings
  • Current high score is 22.5 points per second
    (all hits for 120 points, average of 1.77 seconds per 8 shot string)

This video shows the TPC 24 in action – pay attention to the start position.

The TPC 24 fundamentally tests your rhythm at higher speeds – to do it to passing level your fundamentals will have to work well at gun fight speed of 4 to 5 shots per second, with a sub-1 second presentation.

How to Run the TPC WB25

Using a standard USPSA Metric Target, starting from holster with hands relaxed at sides;

  • At 5 Yards, draw and fire 5 rounds
  • At 10 Yards, draw and fire 5 rounds
  • At 15 Yards, draw and fire 5 rounds
  • At 20 Yards, draw and fire 5 rounds
  • At 25 Yards, draw and fire 5 rounds

A-Zone hits are worth 5 points, C-Zone 3 Points, D-Zone 1 point and Misses -10 points. Score for the drill is total points divided by aggregate time (Hit Factor). Current high score with a service pistol is 9.28 (115pts/12.39)