VIP Program – For those serious about getting good



Individual Students

Our “perfect” relationship with a student is a long term one where we can work together to help achieve the student’s goals as a shooter, operator, or instructor.

Some industries call that “Full Service”.   That works for us, but we like to add in “relationship” to the way we think about it.

The VIP program is for those who want that as well.    It is for those very serious about building high level shooting skill or shooting instruction skill.

In a summary… one price for 13 months and please attend any group class you qualify for.  You also can take advantage of very low cost weekday private training (space / instructor availability dependent – usually the days before or after a class).

It goes for 13 months from the date of purchase (a month to sort out what you want to do, and then a year).

Our VIP students have become our friends, and in some cases even our mentors (as in how we run our business – thanks George!).

Some of our VIP students have become National champions (the young lady shown in the picture above).   Others have made their firearms instructor business thrive. And others have just gotten a LOT better.

It’s a big decision.  If not sure, come to class, you can apply the cost of that class to this program.  Try, decide, buy.  We try to sell our products like we’d want if we were buying them too.

Contact us if you have questions.  We look forward to building a long term, full service, partnership with you to help you achieve your goals.

Agencies / Units

For our armed professional customers (LEO, Military, Security), we make this VIP program more flexible.  Agency VIP memberships can substitute who comes at your discretion.  You buy the # of concurrent people in a class.  This is useful, for instance, if you want to route 8 people thru a class in small chunks, getting them trained but not impacting your work or other duty schedules.  If you wanted to send them 2 at a time, buy 2 VIP passes, send 2 at a time, 4 times (or more) and your instruction team, SWAT team, personal protection squad, or SF unit gets amazing training, over time without disrupting your schedule.

Students report that while we deliver great training at their agency ranges it can sometimes be hard for them to completely focus on training when other work is so close.   They report being more focused on learning when they come to one of our ranges for training.


Contact for an invoice that you can pay by check or online.

Remember… You can Try Before You Buy!

 Note that you can “try before investing”, meaning buy a class, and apply its fee to the VIP Program cost with 90 days.