Build a proper mindset, avoid the victim mentality! Don’t rely on chance- create and control your own environment. Understand the algorithm of tactical decision making for any situation. Improve the core marksmanship skills, weapon handling and manipulations, learn how to be a difficult target. Learn how to win a gunfight!

This course is focused on defensive principles and weapon handling. Students who desire to improve, more specifically, their marksmanship and recoil control should consider attending our Handgun Mastery course. Taking this extra step will prepare you to excel as a shooter and get even more from this course.


  • Principles of Self Defense
  • Gunfight mindset
  • Situational Awareness
  • Tenets of Gun Fighting
  • Tactical Decision Equation
  • Core Marksmanship skills
  • Pivots and Turns
  • Types of Reloads
  • Threat Assessment, Multiple Threats
  • Proper Use of Cover
  • Types of malfunctions and dealing with them
  • Shooting on a move (introduction and principles)


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