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We are huge believers in using science and the scientific method to explain or test material. We want to explain how it works and show the principles that we are using to make it work. The video material below will give you an overview of our doctrine and how we teach. Be aware that the information presented here is for general educational and informational purposes only. Comprehensive training, procedures, and safety precautions are absolutely necessary to properly carry on similar activity. Failure to follow safe practices could result in severe personal injury (including death) or gun damage to the user or bystanders. Always consult comprehensive reference manuals and bulletins for details of proper training requirements, procedures, techniques, and safety precautions before attempting any similar activity.

Ron Avery Explains How to Really Build a Natural Action Shooting Stance

HANDGUN TRAINING – Trigger Control for Fast and Accurate Shooting

How to Build THE ULTIMATE SHOOTING STANCE – Principle of Forward Center of Gravity / Online Training

Ron Avery rocks the Plate Rack! How to shoot as fast and accurate as possible.

How to use NPOA (Natural Point of Aim) – with Rossen Hristov

The Shooting Grip – Return to Sight Alignment with Ron Avery

RSS – Carbine Mastery – Minimizing the Leverage of the Carbine on You

Performance Tips for Red Dot Sighted Handguns

Reactive Shooting Science with Ron Avery

Pull the Trigger like a Pro! Master the Skills of Shooting a Handgun

Control your AR -15 Like a Boss: How to Shoot Rifle Fast and Accurate at Mid Range Distances

How to Do Diagnostics on Controlled Pair Shots

Handgun Training. Ron Avery’s Reactive Shooting Science

Handgun Training: Fix your Trigger Pull!

Shotgun Techniques – Weak Hand Quad Load

How to Increase the Function of the Support Hand on Your Grip

How to Shoot a Pump Shotgun FAST

Competition, Carry, Backup Gun Performance