TPC Hammer Time

FOCUS: Accuracy and Speed of controlled pair shots

Distance 4 yards

Target: 1-inch dots (Flinch Grinch)

Target Setup: The target consists of 5 one-inch dots. Each dot is encircled by a larger 1.5-inch ‘ghost ring.’

Drill Runs: There will be 5 separate runs in this drill, one for each dot.

Starting Position: Begin with your handgun already aimed at the target, with the trigger slack or pre-travel taken up. This means you’re ready to fire without needing to pull the trigger back too far.

Action: Upon hearing the acoustic signal from the timer, fire a controlled pair (two shots) at a single dot. The aim is to land both shots within the one-inch circle of the dot.

Repetition: Perform this action once for each of the 5 dots, moving sequentially from one dot to the next. You will complete a total of 5 repetitions, each on a different dot, to finish the row.

Objective: The goal of the Hammer Time Drill is to maintain accuracy and control, ensuring that both shots in each pair stay within the one-inch boundary of each dot.

Start Position

Video description and demonstration of the TPC Flinch Grinch Challenge


The total score will be the aggregate time from the 5 runs divided by 5 – (average time) Point of impact must break the 1-inch dot line. If the shot does not break the 1-inch dot line but breaks a light grey circle, then a penalty of 0.25 sec. will be added to the achieved time of the particular run. If the shot is a complete miss, then a penalty of 2.50 sec. will be added to the achieved time of the particular run.


0.60 sec. or less –   Grand Master

0.61 – 0.66 sec.  –   Master

0.67 – 0.99 sec.  –   Expert

1.00 – 1.24 sec.  –   Distinguished Marksman

1.25 – 1.54 sec.  –   Sharp Shooter

1.55 – 1.99 sec.  –   Disciple

2.00 – 3.50 sec.  –   Wish Master