Ron’s Reactive Shooting Science Book

Reactive Shooting Science:

80% of Shooting is Mental

by Ronald E. Avery

─ Reactive shooting is early accuracy.

80% of shooting is mental. If you ignore the principles that need to be understood to experience huge gains in performance, you will be left with incremental improvements in the remaining 20%.

A mental model gives you clear reasons for particular points of focus and improvement, and it encourages you to validate it yourself instead of submitting to blind belief in a doctrine or a person.

In this book, you will learn how peak mental performance skills augment technical and physical skills to create an unstoppable dynamic that maximizes your shooting skills.

You will learn the critical skills of tactical decision-making under pressure, while evaluating the factors of Need, Risk and Time. You will learn why Force-on-Force training gives you the preparation necessary to survive a life-threatening encounter.

You will develop an understanding of Integration of Force that is flexible and effective, one that adapts quickly to the situations you may face.

The Reactive Shooting System will assist you in developing peak performance strategies and skills. The Reactive Shooting System ignores incremental improvements in favor of the massive improvements possible by following a coherent, explainable approach whose parts and sections build on, support, and reinforce each other and
leverage your skills to a level you may not have believed possible.

All it needs is you.

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